Miss Natalie’s Rhythm and Dance Presents:

Happily Ever After!


Picture Day: May 31st in studio. See schedule attached. Costumes, hair and makeup for this event 


In Studio Rehearsal: June 1st, 4-6pm. Regular Dance attire


Rehearsal: Monday, June 6th 4pm at Bridgman High School Auditorium dressed and ready to be lined up


Recital: 7pm (dancers arrive by 6:15 and line up with makeup on at 6:45)


Rehearsal Information:  There are 14 dances in our recital. Most dancers have more than one dance so there is a lot of specific coordination that needs to happen. For that reason I ask that you try your best to be on time to rehearsal. We will run the show with lights and narration in order. I have been going over with the dancers where they are to be at any given time in the show and they will be doing a full run through on June 1st (4-6pm) in the studio for practice. During the rehearsal, you may watch from the back rows. I expect to release the Tiny Dancers earliest, around 5:15. When your dancer is released, you should plan on getting them dinner nearby or bringing a packed meal with you. I recommend Subway since it’s close and easy on the tummy. Teen dancers should plan on staying and I will order food for them and have my husband pick it up. All other dancers can either leave in between rehearsal and recital or stay. If they are staying without a parent, please let me know via email so that I have a list of who is under my supervision after being released. I will assign a parent helper for each class. 


Recital: Arrive at 6:15 with dancer dressed. If you need make up assistance, one of the teens or my backstage helpers will be available. Please know that I will be very busy at the auditorium. I will try my best to answer questions on the night of the show. My family will be available to help but there are many things they can’t do. I will make sure they have name tags so you can identify them. My husband, Kris, will be my runner. My son, Marshall will be the Emcee. My daughter, Alicia, will be backstage helping and lining up kids. My son’s girlfriend Sofi will also be backstage assisting me. All of my teenage dancers will be assigned helping jobs and will be transporting dancers to the changing area and assisting there so that you can enjoy the show. After the final bow you may pick up your child at the stage. I will not be sending kids under 12 into the audience to find parents. 


Audience: We will have a $5 admission for ages 12 and up. Seats are first come first serve and the front two rows will be for dancers. The auditorium seats 500 so we should be fine with selling tickets at the door. I will need one person for this job. I will also sell tickets in advance at the studio starting May 1st to make things easier. You can send in cash or a check in an envelope marked “Tickets” and your child will bring them home that day. 


Recording: I have hired a videographer to video the show. There will be an order form for dvds or e-copies in the program. $5/video. 


Costumes: Your child will receive a garment bag and hangar for each costume. They will also receive tights. There is a zipper pouch on the back of the bag for shoes and make up. This should make things easy for everyone. I have attached an item list for each class. 


Make Up: I have made a make up tutorial and put it on the Miss Natalie’s Dancers Facebook page. We are using blue-grey eyeshadow( Açaí You from ELF) pink blush, and red lipstick. Powder, foundation, mascara and eyeliner are all optional. I will have samples at the studio. Please have your child’s make up in a ziplock or other bag inside their garment bag with their name on it so that touch ups can occur if needed. Please put Bobby pins, safety pins q-tips and a few tissues in the make up bag just in case. 


Costumes by Class:


Musical Theatre: In the Heights: Street clothes (approved by me), tan tights, black Jazz/ballet shoes, hair in low bun. Happily Ever After: Pink, red or blue costume, tan tights, hair clip, black ballet or Jazz shoes. 


Sophia’s Solo: When She Loved Me: Cream costume, tan tights, hair clip, black ballet slippers, hair in low bun. 


Tiny Dancers: Almost There and Under the Sea: Green tutu costume, tan tights, hair up in high bun and bow clipped in, black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes. 


Intermediate Ballet: The Next Right Thing: Green dress, tan tights, hair in a low bun, hair clip, black ballet slippers. Home: Black Leotard, tan tights, pink wrap skirt, same hair clip, black ballet slippers. Happily Ever After: Same as Home


Teen Tap: Jelly’s Jam: Costume, tan tights, tan tap shoes, hair clip from Musical Theatre, hair in low bun. 


Miriam’s Solo: I Dreamed a Dream: Green dress, tan tights, tan ballet shoes, hair in low bun with hair accessory. 


Elementary Tap: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy: Blue and black costume, blue headband, tan tights, black tap shoes, hair in low bun.  Happily Ever After: Change shoes to black ballet slippers (Miss Natalie has them backstage)


Lyrical: First Burn: Red dress, tan tights, pink or tan ballet slippers, no hair clip, hair in low bun. 


Elementary Ballet: LeFestin and I See the Lights: Lavender Costume, tan tights, black ballet slippers, high bun, hair ribbon, black ballet slippers


Elementary Jazz: Holding out for a Hero: Red costume, tan tights, black ballet slippers, low bun, red bow in back.  Sophia, Addie and Natalie: Happily Ever After: No change. 


All Dancers: no visible undergarments.  No nail polish. No jewelry. Tights will come with costumes. 


Show Line Up:


1: In the Heights

2: When She Loved Me

3: Almost There

4: The Next Right Thing

5: Jelly’s Jam

6: I Dreamed a Dream

7: Under the Sea

8: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 

9: First Burn

10: Le Festin

11: Home

12: Holding out for a Hero

13: I See the Lights

14: Happily Ever After


I need parent helpers to sit with the kids in the audience. This only applies to:

  • Tiny Dancers after their ballet
  • Elementary Jazz from the beginning until #9 and the dancers not in closing after #12
  • Elementary Ballet from the beginning until after #7 and after #13
  • Elementary Tap from the beginning until # 5 (can sit with ballet)

**The parent should be from each of these classes and is responsible for keeping the kids quiet and making sure they go up at the right time. 


Picture Day Schedule:  5/31 in studio 


4:00 Lyrical 

4:30 Tiny Dancers

5:00 Teen Tap 

5:15 Elementary Tap 

5:30 Elementary Jazz 

6:00 Intermediate Ballet 

6:15 Musical Theatre plus closing number (Sophia, Addie, Natalie, Meg, Ella, Mercedes, Abby, Nancy, Miriam, Elaina)

6:45 Elementary Ballet 

7:00 Solo Dancers


Please let me know asap if any of the above times are a problem. If anything in this letter is unclear, please don’t hesitate to reach out. My cell is (269) 408-6066 if something comes up and you need to contact me during an event. 


I hope this is a rewarding and exciting experience for everyone. I have put my heart and soul into every detail and am so excited to see how it turns out. 


Thanks for all your support,


Miss Natalie